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My life consists mainly of the five F's; food, fandoms, fanfictions, fangirling and feels. And music, obviously. I sorta forgot some of my fandoms. >.>
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URGENT: today in Russia, a terrible bill passed in the Russian parliament’s lower house that censors all things considered “gay”. It’s our local partners’ worst nightmare and we need your help. 

This vote comes off the back of two brutal anti-gay murders in Russia, and the trial of a major LGBT rights organisation today.

Tell world leaders to STOP the crackdown, add your name:


This really is happening, and it’s scary as hell.

Update June 12: the situation is worsening. Russia has just passed a new anti-gay law makes it illegal even to say the word “gay”.  People in Russia standing up against the crackdown are urging All Out members to keep growing the petition to help draw the attention of world leaders and the media.”

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i decided to summarise todays events for the people who werent online to witness the iconic occasion. truly one for the histoRIH books. it felt selfish of me not to share so let me fill u in


it started out with this racist message. looks like someone forgot to click anon……

which led to so many great responses from tumblrs best






and about 30 mins after the exposing…. deactivated






friday april 18th will be forever known as ‘drag that bitch day’

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This is the bs that shows up on google search for Asian and when I try to tag my tumblr and twitter posts “Asian.” Try and tell me this Asian fetish and racism ain’t real.

I literally feel nauseous. A little girl in a bathing suit and the caption is “legendary trap”. Are.. you serious. No.

I’m done. 

There’s also a dick photoshopped on her so that too

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Anonymous asked: Do you think there's a stigma with being bi? I'm a 17 year old girl and I feel attraction to both men and women but I'm afraid to come out because I don't want to be told my emotions aren't valid by people in the lgbtqia community. Does this make any sense? I dunno. I feel like gay men and lesbian women are so quick to jump down someone's throat when they say they're bisexual.


of course there is. we are constantly told that we need to “pick a side” and our sexuality is always invalidated once we are married (e.g. “oh he was gay/straight all along) or we’re just “experimenting” and we’re “greedy” but the fact is that those who come at us from the LGBTQ community are insecure and contribute nothing but further invalidating the LGBTQ community as a whole with their prejudiced comments against bisexuals. coming out is never easy but don’t let those who are supposed to be by our side stop you from doing so. 

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Michelle Rodriguez laying down truths

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I didn’t know I was lost.

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Robert Wilson Photoshoot

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